Stopped Working

1 December 2008

8:40 pm

Ourworld has stopped its service so many old skins will not be loadable. To use them, please leave a comment and I will upload or send the layout over.


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Summer Place, Dont' Stop Me Now, Thunder

14 February 2008

9:57 pm

three skins i made over the past few months. won't be uploading the codes because i'm too lazy, but anyone who wants them can email me at jeeohdee[at]hotmail[dot]com or just ask for them in the comments. will upload the preview of the latest skin at
Thunder inspired by lyrics from Thunder by Boys Like Girls. design composited from stock images from Summer Place inspired by A Summer Place. design composited from stock images from Don't Stop Me Now
Inspired by lyrics from Don't Stop Me Now by Queen and images composited and heavily edited from sources long forgotten.

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6 December 2005

12:02 pm

it must seem ridiculous that i'm announcing a hiatus already. due to, erm, national duties that i have to spend the next two years fulfilling, it's unlikely i'll have anytime to make new skins (or any ideas, even recently, for that matter). so, two skins here; old skins: click here. many many skins there. anyone with problems can feel free to email me.

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Chinese Painting

21 November 2005

11:42 pm

Finally got down to coding. The preview may look as though the picture at the bottom of the navigation bar maybe be overlapping, but i'm sure for most of you your blogposts will far exceed the height of your navigation bar. Unless your navigation bar is so overly packed with archives, links and whatnots, in which case you are grossly over-using your navigation and should attempt some form of a clean up.

To be honest, the codes are pretty lousy. I couldn't figure out how to make it work, and this was the best I could come up with for this skin, sadly. Anyone who can recode it so that it looks way better, please do! I'm pretty frustrated with the codes, really. So the preview hasn't been done very well.

Pictures from paintings found at Hope they don't mind. Also, I've really edited them to suit the colour scheme used. And I've used more than one painting, so it's really so heavily edited you probably couldn't tell from which painting it was exactly anyway.

That aside, lyrics from a song 牡丹江 (Mu Dan Jiang) by the group 南拳妈妈 (Nan Quan Ma Ma). The main lyrics read:

The place that I cannot go is called / the Faraway; That where I cannot return is called / my Home.
Get the code (right-click>Select All; or Ctrl+A) :

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12 November 2005

10:57 pm

New skins will probably be in only after the 17th, once I be done with the exams.

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Cherry Tree

30 October 2005

7:20 pm

Click here for a preview

About this skin:

Based on a song, lyrics from Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Linked it on Mazuma too. First skin here! Woohoo!
Get the code (right-click>Select All; or Ctrl+A) :

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7:02 pm

Oh well, I've decided to make the switch after all. Will be uploading the first skin here very soon. Meanwhile, for older skins, feel free to go to MAZUMA
Just testing my blockquote.

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9 October 2005

12:50 am

I'm torn between shifting my site to be Blogger based, or leaving it on Geocities. I'm too lazy to have to keep editing the html, and I'm too much of an illiterate in programming to figure out how to make it automatic. Therefore, I have decided to move what was previously Mazuma to this. It also makes it easier to tie-in the site with LimeJuice by naming this lemon juice! How innovative indeed! Yet, I have been hosting my site(s) on geocities for nearly 4 years now, although I've only started hosting skins for the past year and a half. A lot of sentiment is involved, you know! Struggling; still trying to decide what to do. Besides, I've been quite busy these few days, what with the end of exams and post-prelim tutorials and all, not to mention the As in 4 weeks. Ah well, we shall see.

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